Click on the stock number for more information and pictures of each trailer.  This is not a picture of the trailer we are selling, just one like it and also the pictures mostly show the trailers with used tires.  Used tires are no longer available, so all are sold with new tires. 

NOTE: Stok changes often.  Please call to verify what you want is actually here.

Single Axle Trailers-- All have 1-3500lb axle  Price shown here is with new tires.

Link   5X10 Rampgate                     $1025.00

Link   5X14 Rampgate                     $1140.00  Out of Stock

Link   6'4X10 Tilt BH                        $865.00   Out of Stock

Link   6'4X10 Non-Tilt BH                 $835.00

Link   6'4X10 Rampgate                   $1050.00

Link   6'4X14 Rampgate                   $1260.00

Tandem Axle Trailers-- All have 2-3500lb Axles.  Price shown is with new tires

Link  16ft Tandem                                                        $1480.00

Link  16ft Tandem With Ramps                                       $1620.00

Link  16ft Tandem JBSBBH Treated Floor, Ramps             $1795.00

Link  18ft Tandem X-wide, 3X2 Top Rail, Brake, Ramps    $2075.00   Out of Stock

Link  16ft Flatbed Car Hauler X-wide Ramps                    $1885.00

Link  18’ Flatbed Car Hauler X-wide, Breaks, Ramps       $2180.00   Out of Stock

Link  18ft Dovetail Car Hauler X-wide, Breaks, Ramps      $2250.00